Facial was relaxing and therapeutic !
My face felt hydrated and glowing even 2 -3 days after the facial.
The masks used smelled fresh and lovely !!
Thank you for the experience.
Would recommend to anyone!

05/06/2016, 13:12:40: Gimla

 Having a facial done with Jags was such a relaxing experience. She has a great balance between time where you can ask questions and time just for yourself to relax and unwind with the mask on. My face felt refreshed and hydrated afterwards, which was just what it needed. All the products which were homemade from natural ingredients smelt amazing. I would recommend having a facial done with Jags, it is worth every penny and I'm looking forward to seeing her again.
05/06/2016, 21:17:30: Ewilina
 For many years I was using the steroids & creams prescribed for my 05 year old daughter but the condition wasn't improving. After started using the body butter,within a few days I could see that the itching stopped and the condition of her skin improved greatly. I would highly recommend this body butter for dry skin especially for eczema.
08/06/2016, 18:31:07: Sumudu
I have never experienced such a holistic facial massage before. Jagdeep has healing power in her hands which transpired in her work. My skin felt smooth, hydrated and fresh. Looking forward to my next one! Thank you x
08/06/2016, 19:08:55: Ananta
 The cream moisturises dry skin effortlessly.  It gets absorbed very quickly without any residue, it's literally like giving your thirsty skin a drink!
The facial was very relaxing & my skin felt super-soft & smooth. I was very pleased with the amazing result. I would recommend it as excellent pick-me up after a stressful week or if you have a big event coming up.
It certainly made me feel good inside & out!
08/06/2016, 19:23:50: Hetal
Thank you Jagdeep for giving me the most amazing facials I can honestly say I have ever had. From start to finish the whole experience is very relaxing. The treatment itself feels amazing using your pure natural products and massaging techniques. My skin looks and feels great. I particularly love the face yoga, I had never tried this before but after practicing the exercises just a few times with you I have seen the difference and have felt so inspired that I have maintained the daily skin care and yoga routine you have carefully prepared for me. I couldn't recommend you highly enough especially to anyone interested in caring for their skin in a very natural way.  Thank you again, Priti, x
08/06/2016, 19:35:27 Priti