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Best Beauty Salon in Radlett
Most of us go to the gym to get fit and healthy, which in return makes us feel happier and more energetic. What many people don’t know is that we can also work on our facial muscles and gain a youthful appearance throughout the whole body. We at Boon have the perfect products and programs to keep you youthful. Whether you’re starting to see the first signs of ageing, or if you already have deep set lines and wrinkles, Boon Facial Fitness will be beneficial for you. It is never too late to take care of your skin and look healthier, at Boon Facial Fitness we offer you a natural way of looking younger and feeling healthier with an added sense of relaxation and well-being.
Best Beauty Salon in Radlett


Jags founded Boon Face Fitness in 2014 after her friends and family insisted the face masks, creams and toners she was making for herself using natural and organic ingredients from her own kitchen deserved to be used for professional treatments. A fully qualified fashion designer, holistic beauty therapist specialising in skincare, facial massage and facial yoga Jags believes in healthy, natural and smart ageing. She helps her clients by making sure that they prioritise themselves to look and feel beautiful in their own skin. She spent years researching and curating her own products to use alongside her unique facial massage techniques, specially designed facial yoga programme together with scientifically researched treatments, like micro-needling and LED light therapy. Jags takes time to understand her clients needs and empowers women to tackle their skin concerns and fight signs of ageing in a most natural and organic way. In her spare time Jags likes to read, be creative with art and go for long walks in nature with her family and dog.
Best Beauty Salon in Radlett


Xuan is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She offers a holistic programme, which aims to treat the whole body. It can be used to both cure and prevent illnesses by enhancing genuine energy, Qi, and balance the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole body system. It can strengthen the immune system and correct the imbalance of internal organs. TCM key therapies include acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine, TuiNa massage, moxibustion, reflexology, and many others. Based on the holistic concept of TCM, acupuncture beauty therapy is an effective method to stimulate the acupoints of the face and body, unblock the meridians, activate facial and body blood circulation, wake up the body’s own healing power, rejuvenate skin to improve wrinkles, lift the facial muscles and treat skin conditions. Acupuncture is a simple, non-toxic, safe, and reliable therapy with immediately visible effects. Specially formulated herbal medicine is also available for beauty treatment. TCM therapies can also be used for treating a wide range indications, such as, improvments to mental health, relief of muscular and skeletal suffering, treatment for digestion problems, gynaecological conditions and even more.

What Our Clients Say


Great service from Jags - I was very impressed with her organic and natural products!


Fantastic massage and lymph drainage, also throughly enjoyed the facial and lovely organic products!


Jags gave a wonderful massage, focusing on the knots in various places over my shoulders and calves. She has a firm touch and really looks into the problems that causes the knots. She is knowledgeable on many things body related and gives great advice.

Lovely massage by Jags, who clearly knew what she was talking about and gave some top tips afterward.

Fab place, easy to park, quiet and relaxed. Jags was welcoming, professional & kind.

Akila Benziane

Always feel welcome, the service is given where you feel you are treated as a unique customer. Very warm and lovely place.


I'm not normally one for massages, but my back and shoulders were feeling really stiff so I thought I would give this a go. It was a wonderful experience! What an incredible difference it made to the way I felt. Jags was so professional, and has a real skill. Highly recommended!


Lovely spa, lovely beautician and parking right outside. Will be back.

Had an amazing facial, super relaxing and my skin feels new! Thank you so much!


Really nice massage, not your typical beauty massage but more for your individual self and she worked on the areas I needed most and very informative about issues I may have.


Had a very relaxing massage by Jaggs. So glad I found this place! Look forward to many more treatments in future 😊

Has my first ever facial here. It was so nice and relaxing, my skin never felt this amazing before. Will definitely be booking again soon!!


Amazing experience! My skin is so soft. Been looking for a place I can keep going back to for a facial and I have finally found it after living in Hertfordshire for 4 years!


Very relaxing, nice comfortable surroundings, very easy to park. Great value!

A Anderson

I was really in need of a massage. Jags was very friendly and asked questions in order to tailor the massage and oils to my needs. It was a lovely experience and I shall be returning again.


Absolutely fantastic place and treatment. I am sad I live a long way away otherwise I would come all the time!


Really lovely, relaxing experience. Jags was welcoming and knowledgable, will lots of advice for how to look after my skin. I loved that the products were all natural and organic.


Facial was relaxing and therapeutic! My face felt hydrated and glowing even 2 -3 days after the facial.
The masks used smelled fresh and lovely !!
Thank you for the experience.
Would recommend to anyone!


For many years I was using the steroids & creams prescribed for my 05 year old daughter but the condition wasn't improving. After started using the body butter,within a few days I could see that the itching stopped and the condition of her skin improved greatly. I would highly recommend this body butter for dry skin especially for eczema.


Having a facial done with Jags was such a relaxing experience. She has a great balance between time where you can ask questions and time just for yourself to relax and unwind with the mask on. My face felt refreshed and hydrated afterwards, which was just what it needed. All the products which were homemade from natural ingredients smelt amazing. I would recommend having a facial done with Jags, it is worth every penny and I'm looking forward to seeing her again.


I have never experienced such a holistic facial massage before. Jagdeep has healing power in her hands which transpired in her work. My skin felt smooth, hydrated and fresh. Looking forward to my next one! Thank you x

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