About US

My name is Jags the founder of Boon Beauty & Wellness Spa. I am a fully trained skincare, facial massage & facial yoga therapist. My journey began when I was diagnosed with allergies to ingredients found in conventional beauty and skincare products.
As most products have some sort of chemicals and preservatives I tried to find natural organic alternatives but could not find much to suit my sensitive skin. This fueled my interest and I started experimenting with fruits, oils, butters and herbs in the kitchen to formulate my own products. Soon I found myself sharing my knowledge and experience with friends and family. 
I believe, Beauty and fitness go hand in hand. As we age our facial muscles and skin start losing collagen and elasticity. Therefore, I began my research to explore different ways and benefits of Facial Massage, Facial exercises and Acupressure points. My interest in Facial Fitness led me to get qualified in all these areas. And that's how Boon Beauty was born.
After getting qualified and years of personal experiences and research I have put together Boon Facial Fitness. I'm passionate about nature and what it has to offer and I believe, we are born to be beautiful as Mother Nature has given us many beneficial ingredients to maintain our health and youthful looks. At Boon each facial fitness program is carefully designed keeping the individual skin type and requirements in mind.