Boon Face Yoga

There are 57 muscles in our face and neck. These muscles play a key role in the contouring and shaping of our face. Facial Yoga exercises help tone and strengthen these muscles to support our skin and prevent sagging. Our facial muscles need exercise just as much as the muscles in our body. Facial exercises works, just like exercising our body.

The exercises we do in our facial yoga method works all three layers of the skin

  •  The hypodermis (lower layer of the skin) which includes the muscles and fatty tissue
  •  The dermis (middles layer of the skin) which includes the connective tissue
  •  The epidermis (upper layer of the skin) which includes the cells

 Just moving the outer layer can cause a breakdown in the connective tissue in the middle layer and weakening of the muscles in the bottom layer. This is why tension and expressions cause lines and wrinkles.

Boon's facial yoga method works all these layers correctly by strengthening the tissue in the middle layer, increasing blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and nourishment to reach cells of the upper layer of the skin. The result is clear, healthy complexion with a natural glow, which has fewer toxins and has better ability to absorb moisture preventing premature ageing.

The Yoga exercises can be done at any time, sitting, standing, reclining or lying down. However, it is always better to do any kind of routine exercise at the same time and same place everyday as this gives you a disciplined routine and ensures you stick to the workout. Only a 10 minutes upper face workout and a 10 minutes lower face workout just once a day, 6 days a week will do the job.