Boon Beauty Facials

Along with exercising the facial muscles, regular professional facial massage can stimulate the muscles and lymphatic system. We have 300 pressure points on our face, which translate to every part of our body. Every area of our body responds to facial massage. Massaging all three layers of the skin is essential to improve collagen and elastin in our facial skin. Facial massage plumps slack skin and add vitality to a dull complexion by moving the toxins out of cells so nutrients can travel in.   

 To complement our facial Yoga programme, we have carefully designed our facial spa and skincare package. A facial is a great way to implement good skincare, hygiene and skin fitness. With our specially formulated facials we provide a professional skin care by analysing your skin and working with you to help you improve your complexion and texture of your skin.  

Our massage techniques are designed to stimulate blood circulation, collagen and elastin production giving you a smoother, supple and tighter looking skin. Surprisingly conventional skincare products can be a source of harmful chemicals and since it is used on the skin, these chemicals can be easily absorbed. At Boon we offer a superb range of facials to deliver personalised results. All our products are naturally derived organic and pure. We use only the finest oils, butters, essential oils, fruits, vegetables, herbs and grains as ingredients. Our products are freshly blended on sight half an hour prior to application to give you individually tailored, deep purifying, detoxifying and relaxing treatment that refines pores and leaves the complexion refreshed, sparkling clean and bright.