Be Kind To Yourself, Its The Best Medicine To Heal And Grow

Hi everyone, I’m Aurelia (15) and I’m proud to start my journey to self love and confidence today. At the moment I have noticed that due to my anxiety and body dysmorphia I struggle so much with my body image to the point that I cannot find anything positive about myself, I constantly feel ugly and horrible about my facial features and body.

I know everyone is gifted with such beautiful bodies and that our bodies are our vessels to love and take care of but I struggle so much to do so just because of my lack of confidence and self esteem. I am incredibly insecure of my face especially as my trichotillomania has affected hair growth gradually with my eyelashes and eyebrows for a while.

I am excited and nervous to begin my journey to self confidence with Jags at Boon Beauty and Wellness. I know it will be incredibly difficult to fight the negative thoughts in my mind but it is time to start overcoming my fears.